Mark Friesen(Term Complete AGM 2021)
Box 2007, Morden MB  R6M 1B7
(204) 250-3960
Email: mfriesen.bees@nullgmail.com

Vice Chairperson

Paul Gregory(Term complete AGM 2020)
Box 328 Fisher Branch R0C 0Z0
(204) 372-6920
Email: paul@nullinterlakeforageseeds.com

CHC Director

Allan Campbell (Term Complete AGM 2021)
RR5 Comp 31, Dauphin, MB, R7N 2T8
(204) 638-6515
Cell (204) 590-9441
Email allan.campbell@nulldurstonhoneyfarms.com

KAP Director

Paul Gregory(Term complete AGM 2020)
Box 328 Fisher Branch R0C 0Z0
(204) 372-6920
Email: paul@nullinterlakeforageseeds.com


Marg Smith (Term Complete AGM 2019)
1051 Porcher Road, St Andrews R1A 3N4
(204) 254-4509
Email: marg@margshoney


Jeff Warburton (Term complete AGM 2019) 
Box 1642 Carman R0G 0J0
(204) 745 2410
Email: jwarburton@nullmymts.net


Osee Podolsky (Term Complete AGM 2020 ) 
Box 1 Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0
(204) 742-3555
Email: oseepodolsky@nullhotmail.com


Ian Steppler (Term Complete AGM 2021) 
Box 0642 Miami, MB, R0G 1H0
(204) 435-2491
Email: stepplerfarms@nullhotmail.com


Brad Hogg (Term Complete AGM 2020 ) 
Box 16, Libau, MB, R0E 1C0
(204) 232-5180
Email: brad@nullfaithapiaries.ca


Non-Voting Appointees


Daryl Wright
326 Belvidere Street Winnipeg MB R3J 2H3
(204) 229-9343
Email: d.l.wright@nullshaw.ca

RRAA Representative

Marg Smith
1051 Porcher Road, St Andrews. MB R1A 3N4
(204) 254-4509
Email: marg@margshoney

BABA Representative

Will Clark
Box 10 Site 170, RR 1 Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1
(204) 748-4325
Email: willmarthoney.com



Provincial Apiculture Office Advisors

Provincial Apiarist

Rhéal Lafrenière
204-545 University Cres., Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S6
(Bus) 945-4825 (Fax) 945-4327
Email: rheal.lafreniere@nullgov.mb.ca

Pollination Apiarist

David Ostermann
(Bus) 945-3861
Email: david.ostermann@nullgov.mb.ca

MBA Point People 2017
Manitoba Beekeepers’s Association

Convention/AGM: Chair – Brad Hogg, Daryl Wright,  Ian Steppler, Osee Podolsky


Finance: Chair – Ian Steppler, Jeff Warburton


Labor and Workplace safety: Chair- Allan Campbell, Osee Podolsky


Food Safety: Chair- Allan Campbell, Brad Hogg


KAP: Chair – Paul Gregory, Jeff Warburton


Communication: Chair – Mark Friesen, Brad Hogg, Marg Smith, Ian Steppler


Pests & Pest Management: Chair – Mark Friesen, Ian Steppler


Resolution: Chair – Marg Smith


Research: Chair – Ian Steppler, Paul Gregory, Allan Campbell, Rhéal Lafrenière, Dr. Rob Currie, Marcus Wiens


Safety Nets: Chair – Paul Gregory, Marg Smith, Osee Podolsky


Stock Replacement: Chair – Jeff Warburton, Osee Podolsky


Membership resources: Chair – Mark Friesen