2019 Equipment for sale/ Wanted


For sale: Spring quad wraps with Reflectix insulation for sale. Fits snuggly over four colonies or can custom sew to your dimension pricingL single high is $20 – double is $25. Quad style winter wrap for sale; single high $45/ double high $55

For sale: Bee covers starting at $65 www.winknlercc.com. Winkler canvas 204-325-9548

For Sale: 1175 standard honey supers with nine frames drawn comb.. most are Lewis boxes painted… Three s/s hopper bottom tanks with stands.. also excellent condition. Bob Kieper 1-204-821-5024 in Russel

For Sale: 20 Frame Stainless steel extractor with variable speed motor and honey grate $2000, Stainless steel bottling tank, holds up to (1) 45 Gallon barrel and wood stand $750,  Custom made honey sump with 3 Stainless steel screens $650, Summer lids approx 200 $5 each, New Frames half assembles and half unassembled approx 400 (unwaxed) $2.10 each, (23) 2-way pallet board system $14 each, (63) 4-way pallet board system $28 each and 30 drone frames $1 ea. Contact Justin at 204-381-9038

For Sale: