List of Veterinarians Willing to Work with Honey Bees

Veterinarian Clinic Clinic Location Phone # Email
Carly Prejet Carmen Vet Clinic 98 4 Ave SE, Carman, MB 204-745-3127
Kevin Steinbachs Dauphin-Ste Rose Vet Clinic 1801 Main St., S, Dauphin, MB 15 Tucker St. Ste. Rose du Lac, MB 204-648-4448
Ken Johnson Central Vet Services Oak Bluff, MB 9082 Perimeter Hwy btw Oak Bluff and Hwy 330 204-275-2038 204-770-2865  
Fawcett Taylor Brydes & Taylor Vet Hospital 123 Main St., Neepawa, MB 204-476-5667 204-841-0400
Tanya Anderson Gladstone Vet Clinic 208 Morris Ave S, Gladstine, MB 204-857-1704
Jennifer Demare Swine Health Professionals Ltd 192 Hwy 52 W Steinbach, MB 204-918-5054
Ronald Hamilton   Gwenda Olson South-East Veterinary Clinic   36016 HWY 52 East Steinbach, MB   204-326-9849