Growing Assurance – On Farm Program: Apiculture

Manitoba honey beekeepers registered with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development as active beekeepers are eligible to participate in the Growing Assurance – On Farm program for Apiculture. Prior to accessing funding under this program, as part of the application process beekeepers must also participate in a half day Honey Bee Biosecurity Training Workshop and complete a Honey Bee Biosecurity Self-Evaluation Checklist (provided at the workshop).

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After a beekeeper has completed the Biosecurity Training Workshop and Biosecurity Checklist he/she will be invited to submit an application for program funding, which can be submitted electronically or dropped off at one of the local MAFRD GO Centres. The training workshops will identify which projects are best suited to address the areas of Biosecurity important for the individual producer’s farm. Information on how to document the impact associated with adopting those Biosecurity practices will also be discussed during the workshops.
Beekeepers that have already completed the Honey Bee Biosecurity Training Workshop (Part 1) are invited to participate in an optional Biosecurity training workshop (Part 2) on monitoring and diagnosing honey bee pests and diseases. This monitoring and diagnostics workshop is open to all beekeepers that have completed Part 1 earlier that day or any of the Bee Biosecurity training events offered this year or last year. Again, the monitoring and diagnostics workshop is completely optional and is not a required training session for Biosecurity funding.

Applications will be received and approved on a first come first served basis. The deadline for receiving Growing Assurance for On farm applications that are expected to be completed this year (i.e. by February 2015) is December 5th, 2014. Any applications received after December 5th will not be processed till next fiscal year (after March 31, 2015). Applicants must have an AccessManitoba client Id number and a Premise Id number (Part D of Growing Assurance application) prior to filing their application.

Please review Privacy Notice and Client Consent Information prior to filling out the application online or through a MAFRD GO office. Applicants must ensure their projects are in accordance with applicable federal and provincial acts, regulations and environmental directives. Failure to comply with any of the former could result in an applicant being deemed ineligible. For more information about the program and workshops, please contact Rhéal Lafrenière, 204-945-4825 or email