Feb 2022 Convention/AGM to be held Online via Zoom


Notice is given that the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association Annual General Meeting will be held on-line February 26,2022 from 1:00 TO 4:00 pm. Purpose of this meeting is to:

1.            To receive reports from Committees

2.            To approve Resolutions

3.            To elect Directors

4.            To approve Financial Statements and 2022Budget

Voting on Resolutions will be done by a mail in ballot. Voting members will receive a ballot prior to the AGM and are to be returned by March 6. Deadline for Resolutions to be submitted to Resolution Chair, Marg Smith at margshoney@nullgmail.com is February 13, 2022.  All other motions and elections will be done on-line.

If you would like to a Nominate a beekeeper for the position of Director, please contact the secretary, no later than February 24.

Members who have not completed the Designated Voting Form must do so by January 16, 2022 to be eligible to vote. If you are not sure if you a voting member, please contact the Secretary at d.l.wright@nullshaw.ca before January 16.

To register for the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association Annual General Meeting and Convention to be held February 26, 2022 at 1:00 pm:



Once we receive your email, we will send you the link to the Zoom meeting. You may log on to the meeting at 12:45 am on the day of the AGM/ Convention.

If you have any questions about logging on, please email Brad at brad@nullfaithapiaries.ca or Daryl at d.l.wright@nullshaw.ca

Draft Schedule: Saturday

-Adoption of the agenda
-Secretary report
-motion to allow vote on financial budget, resolutions, and director elections to be held through survey option.

To compliment our Convention, The MBA, with the Regional Associations are offering a number of seminars throughout February. Please see information below.

February 8 7:30 pm

Etienne Tardif, a Yukon beekeeper and president of the Western Apicultural Society will speak at the Red River Apiarist Association during their February 8th meeting.  Etienne is a beekeeper who thrives on data sets, which he has built by using multiple hive sensors within his wintered hives.  With his data set information, he has detailed the behaviour of an outdoor wintered honey bee colony and he has developed appropriate winter strategies with that data set to better prepare his outdoor hives for winter.  This November he had already experienced -40 degree winter weather!

Zoom Meeting link 


February 15 7 pm

Kamon Reynolds, a Tennessee beekeeper and well-known YouTuber will speak at the South Central Beekeepers Association during their February 15th meeting.  Kamon is an interesting character who has transitioned his livelihood from an off-farm trucker to a full-time southern state beekeeper.  I’ll host a podcast type presentation with Kamon as we talk about everything from keeping bees in Tennessee to his beekeeping YouTube ambitions to provide beekeepers a forum to get quality information, techniques, explore new beekeeping styles, equipment and pioneer better ways to encourage healthy beekeeping practices. 

Zoom Meeting link  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89744417744?pwd=LzJzVm51NTkvZVB4ck1JTDhtcWxNZz09

February 22 7 pm

Cory Stevens, a Missouri beekeeper and a Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) queen breeder will speak at the Brandon Area Beekeepers Association during their February 22 meeting.  Cory will present on his toils to select and distribute a hardy, mite resistant and productive stock of honey bees through his specialized and involved VSH breeding program.  VSH is a behavioral trait of honey bees in which bees detect and remove the bee pupae that are infested by the parasitic mite, Varroa destructor.  This trait was found to be heritable and through his extensive breeding program, he has mixed VSH with other desirable traits of the honey bee to develop commercially appealing mite resistant honey bee stock. 

Zoom Meeting link 


February 24 7 pm

Derek Micholson, lead of Manitoba’s first Tech Transfer Program, the KRTP will host a KRTP night.  During that Thursday evening Derek will dig deep into his last season of work.  With that Derek plans to bring in other speakers in from across the country to highlight some of the work currently being done which directly relates to beekeeper problems/situations at hand.  This evening will be packed full of information so be ready for a content drop but also use this opportunity to reach out to Derek to provide feedback on issues you’d like to see addressed within our operations right now.

Zoom Meeting link  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84777054184?pwd=M0ltbWg4bnk5OTBtYkxubUFKcWtYZz09