Field Day 2024 – June 22nd, Saturday

MBA field day at Merv Malyon’s (Kemnay Apiaries) Saturday, June 22nd, 10am to 3pm.

Free event and no registration required. Lunch available onsite. 

*FOR THOSE ATTENDING: Please, bring a lawn chair with you.

Come out to talk bees and enjoy the day with the following themes: 

  • Merv Malyon: tour and talk on queen rearing systems, mating nucs and overwintering strategies. 
  • Pre-recorded presentation from Dr. Miriam Bixby on Replacement Stock Strategies: Revenues and Costs – A Western Canadian Profit Model. 
  • Update on the KRTP’s 2024 activities
  • Vetopharma (Apivar) representative present to take questions and share info 
  • Greenlight Biosciences representative present & many others! 

Field Day Location – Kemnay Apiaries (link to map)


14 km west of Brandon.  

At the junction of #1 & #1A turn onto the north service road. 

Go west 1/4 mile, first lane on the right.

Questions? Contact: