2013 All Resolutions 13 Nov

The following Resolutions were presented, discussed, and voted upon at the MBA Annual General Meeting of 13 November 2013, held in Neepawa, Manitoba.


WHEREAS each province has a Bee Act that regulates its own beekeeping industry including interprovincial movement of bees, and

WHEREAS the federal government supports regionalization (zoning) in agriculture trade agreements;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA work with MAFRD and CFIA to recognize each province has jurisdiction under the provincial bee acts to develop policies and protocols with the regards to the movement of bees into and out of each province.                         CARRIED

1a) Assigned to Stock Replacement Committee on 11 Dec 2013


WHEREAS the MBA has support from members to identify sources of replacement bees, including from the US, and

WHEREAS import protocols are already in place for New Zealand, Australia, and Chile packages, and for queens from California, it may be possible to extend existing protocols for California to include packages while protecting bee health;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA work with MAFRD, CFIA, and other interested parties to developing protocols for the importation of package honey bees from California to Manitoba.      CARRIED

2a) Assigned to Stock Replacement Committee on 11 Dec 2013

2b) Risk Assessment finalized by CFIA determined to retain border closure August 2014


WHEREAS the MBA desires to see Canadian Honey Council become a stronger voice for the country, and

WHEREAS directors typically maintain their provincial perspective, and

WHEREAS committee structure remains a valid method of combining diverse views, and

WHEREAS CHC should strive to find workable solutions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA encourage CHC to encourage more cohesive ways to have committees arrive at solutions that consider the different perspectives of all Canadian Provinces.                      CARRIED

3a) Assigned to President, Al Campbell, on 11 Dec 2013.

4. BOARD SIZE           

WHEREAS the MBA board is a 12 member board and the voting membership is usually 60 members and under, and

WHEREAS the AGM usually has less than 40 members attending and many of these members have served on the board for a number of terms, and

WHEREAS for the last few years the MBA has had trouble filling all the Director seats

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA board reduce its size from 12 to 8 directors.                CARRIED

4a) Assigned to Fee & Levy Committee, and Secretary on 11 Dec 2013.

4b) Preliminary review indicates other areas (i.e. membership categories) need updating as well. 30Jan 2014

4c) Advised Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council of member motion to update bylaws. 24 Feb 2014

4d) By-law revisions completed and ready to present to members at 12 Nov 2014 AGM

5. SECRETARY           

WHEREAS the MBA has learned that Jim has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing the stress and distress of treatment

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA expresses our best wishes for a speedy and successful outcome, and once again thanks Jim for his many years of dedicated support to our organization and beekeeping in Manitoba. CARRIED

5a) Assigned to Promotion Committee on 11 Dec 2013.


WHEREAS the MBA recommended honey house price has been unchanged for several years and the wholesale price has increased significantly

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA membership encourage the executive to review the present market conditions to determine an appropriate recommended price for the 2014 season for the spring issue of the Manitoba Beekeeper newsletter. CARRIED

6a) Assigned to Newsletter Committee on 11 Dec 2013.

6b) Board agreed to new price of $3.50/lb to be in April Newsletter 17 March 2014


BE IT RESOLVED that MBA lobby KAP, CFA, and CSGA for the commercialization of flea beetle tolerant-traited canola.             TABLED

7a) Discussed by board and agreed to assign to KAP delegate for consideration.


WHEREAS: Apiarist Staff support the beekeeping industry in important ways

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA inform the Manitoba Ag Minister of our appreciation for the work Rhéal and David do for our industry. CARRIED

8a) Assigned to President, Al Campbell, 11 Dec 2013.


BE IT RESOLVED: that MBA rotate the location of the MBA annual meeting between Winnipeg, Brandon, and Neepawa. DEFEATED