Advance Payment Program

Advance Payment For Crops for Beekeepers

Since January 2009, Manitoba Corn Growers Association, in Carman, is administering the Advance Payment for Crops Program, for paid up Manitoba Honey Producers. Please call their offices at 1-877-598-5685, or 204-745-6661, and most any one who answers the phone can help you. Request a Cash Advance Program application form.

As a Manitoba Honey Producer you are eligible for an interest free cash advance up to $100, 000, and interest bearing (usually at Prime Rate) after that to a total maximum of $400,000. Advance is calculated at about 90 cents per pound (may vary slightly for a given year) for whatever barrels of honey you have remaining in inventory (i.e. unsold honey).

This program is a real benefit to producers, as repayment of loan comes due when you sell honey, or by July of the following year. Typically there is an administration fee and a security holdback of 1% of the loan value.

Call MB Corn at 1-877-598-5685, or 204-745-6661 and any one (of Sandy Robinson, Shirley Knaggs, Jackie Martin, or Secretary-Manager Theresa Bergsma), may help with the information package. Otherwise e-mail:

Also administered by Canada Canola Growers Assoc.