2016 Manitoba Bees For Sale

Manitoba Bees for Sale – 2016

Nucs for Sale.    3 or 4 frames and new queen. Contact Jake at 204 513 0529 or jake@destinyroad.ca

Nucs for sale.   e-mail andyloewan@hotmail.ca or call 204-381-7993 or 204-346-9701 .

Bygarski’s Honey Farm > 204-726-4177> Brandon, MB > Nucs (limited number) in jester bee boxes > after May 15th, 2016 – contact Bill Bygarski Bygarski@inethome.ca

Interlake Honey Producers Ltd > 1-800-990-1390 > Fisher Branch, MB > 3 Frame Nucs > May 15th 2016 (pick up) > $185 includes new Carniolan queen – contact Paul Gregory PaulG@interlakeforageseeds.com.

Call Roger, Grunthal MB, for single and nuc colonies, PH 204-434-6918.

Leithen Rubbelke > 204-333-2998 > Gimili/Winnipeg, MB > Doubles, Singles, Nucs > May 15th 2016 or earlier – contact Leithen Rubbelkeleithen3@yahoo.com

French Bee Farms > 204-248-2645 > N-D de Lourdes, MB > 4 Frames Nucs > May 15th -$185 per nuc or $175 per nuc for orders of 50+ nucs > Pierre Faure frenchbeefarm@hotmail.com

Will Clark > 204-724-2373 > Brandon, MB > Single (4 way pallet or single bottom) >May 24th contact Will Clark, willmarthoney@gmail.com

Chris Kirouac > 204-990-4381 > Gimli/Winnipeg > 4 frame nucs > Late May/early June > contact Chris Kirouac chris.kirouac@beeproject.ca

Chris Argiriou > (204)296-4848 > Winnipeg, MB > 4-Frame Nucs > after May 15th, 2016 > contact Chris Argiriou argiriou@shaw.ca

Treherne Honey Farm > 204-275-8610 > Treherne, MB > approx 75 Singles > end of May > $260 > contact Jeff Richards Jeff@trehernehoneyfarm.ca

Kieper Honey > 204-821-5024 > Russell, MB > 50 singles @ $225.00, 300 doubles @ $380.00 > available mid – late May > contact Bob Kieper bob.kieper@gmail.com

Peter Radekop 204-326-4915 > Steinbach, MB > 3 or 4 frame nucs w 2015 Manitoba queens > Call on weekends

BEES FOR SALE: 250 single brood hives for sale. $275 each. These hives have been growing and queens laying good brood since March in BC’s sunny Okanagan valley. New queens last year, gov. inspected, disease and SHB free. Mites guaranteed below 1%. Can negotiate a lower price based on equipment exchange for good, clean equipment with no disease history. Ready to go May 18th.

Call Allan (204)590-9441 or the office (204)638-6515 or email allan@durstonhoneyfarms.com

NUCS FOR SALE: (60)4 frame &(100)5 frame nucs started in April with new US queens. Okanagan raised nucs will be ready to go to work when they get to Manitoba May 18th. Gov. inspected, no disease or SHB. less than 1% varroa guaranteed. Some in Jester EZ Nucs, some need to be transferred. $160/ $195 each, OBO. I Prefer to include discount for equipment exchange for clean disease free equipment.

Call Allan (204)590-9441 or the office (204)638-6515 or email allan@durstonhoneyfarms.com

HIVES FOR RENT: Would you like to make more honey but don’t have the bees or equipment for it? We are willing to rent hives to experienced beekeepers for a cash rental fee or crop share. References required. Bees have been building up in the Okanagan valley and will be delivered in June with gov. inspection certificate, healthy and ready to go to work for you. Double or single brood colonies available. Call Allan for details (204)590-9441 allan@durstonhoneyfarms.com


** For beekeeper auctions – check Fraser Auction’s website at www.fraserauction.com (upcoming auctions) **


Your ad could go here. Free for MBA members, $10 for non members contact d.l.wright@shaw.ca for info..


Winter 2016 Newsletter

MBA Winter 2016

The MBA Newsletter is published 4 times per year. To view it, you may use the freely available Adobe Reader program.


Bee Maid Honey Limited will consider project proposals in any area of apiculture, hive health or honey production.  Preference will be given to the area of honey quality and good practices of producing pure quality Canadian honey in the Canadian beekeeping industry.

Proposals for projects must be submitted to the Bee Maid Honey Research Committee by February 29, 2016.  Projects are expected to be completed within one year of funding, although renewal applications will be considered.
Proposal Procedures and Criteria Cover Page


à        Principal Investigator:  Name, address, phone, FAX, e-mail, signature

à        Collaborating Individuals/Institutions: Names, addresses, phones, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, signatures

à        Title of Project

à        Total of proposed budget for each year

à        Names and signatures of relevant administrative persons, if any

à        Summary – Provide a brief summary of the objectives and potential benefits of the proposed research

Project Description
Please describe the proposed research, in no more than 4 pages.  The proposal should describe clearly the:

à        Objectives of the project

à        The methods used to meet the objectives

à        The economic or other benefits that will result

à        Where the results might be published

à        How transfer of new technology to the beekeeping industry will be accomplished

List the proposed annual budget for each category below for each year requested:

à        Salaries and benefits

à        Equipment (non-expendables)

à        Supplies (expendables)

à        Travel

à        Other (specify)

Describe and justify the expenses. Overhead, institutional overhead, administrative costs, and the purchase of long-term capital assets are not eligible for funding.


Please include:

à        A detailed work plan

à        Specific milestones to meet the objectives of the project

à        Resources and personnel available for the project

à        Responsibilities of each collaborator

à        Location of work, etc.

Matching Funding
Projects with additional or matching funding will be preferred.


à        The funding that you or your institution will contribute to the project

à        List other funding for which you have applied or will receive towards this project

Please attach:

à        Curriculum vitae for the principal and collaborating applicants

à        Other information relevant to the proposed research (i.e., reprints of completed relevant research, other grant applications, supporting letters, etc.)


A requirement of the Bee Maid Honey Limited, Research Committee is that the successful applicant must provide an abstract of their results to the Bee Maid Honey Limited office by November 30th of the year in which the grant was awarded. A final report must be submitted by March 15th.

By February 29, 2016, please send application and five hard copies to:

Bee Maid Honey Limited

Attention: Guy Chartier

Research Committee

625 Roseberry Street,

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0T4          

Please forward an electronic version of the application to: guychartier@beemaid.com.



The Canadian Honey Council is pleased to announce that  Jim Campbell, former secretary to the MBA, has been awarded the  Willy Baumgartner Memorial Award. This award is given annually to a person who has made a significant positive contribution of innovative, creative and effective effort for the betterment of the bee industry of Canada.

Please join us at the Banquet on February 26 to celebrate Jim’s Award and his contributions to the Beekeeping industry in Manitoba and in Canada.


2016 MANITOBA BEEKEEPERS’ ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONVENTION Welcome to the 2016 MANITOBA BEEKEEPERS’ ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONVENTION hosted at the Canad Inns Polo Park Hotel, 1425 St. Matthews Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 26 and 27, 2016. The Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association invites all beekeepers to celebrate its 110th Annual Convention this year. Convention begins Friday February 26 2016 at 8:30 am with registration time before the session.  Research Symposium and Tradeshow events will be held both Friday and Saturday. Agenda details and updates will be posted to the MBA Website Here See registration form for details on registration costs and hotel information. CONVENTION THEME:                 Sustainability 2016 Convention Key Note Speakers Pierre Giovenazzo Université Laval Topics : Nuc Production, Queen Selection, Probiotics Research Ernesto Guzman University of Guelph Topics: Breeding for Varroa Resistance, Nosema Management ,Impact of Neonics Samantha Brunner North Dakota State Apiarist Topics: Pollinator Protection Plan, Beekeeper and Apiary Registration Other Topics: Honey Bee Health Survey Evaluation of local and imported queens BeeConnect Bee’Omics (Selective Queen Breeding Program) University of Manitoba Research Update Native Bees and Habitat Protection Plus: Trade Show For Sponsorship Information, please click here For Registration Form for Convention, please click here For Convention Agenda, please click here

Fall 2015 Newsletter

MBA Fall 2015

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Attractiveness of Agricultural Crops to Pollinating Bees for the Collection of Nectar and/or Pollen http://manitobabee.org/hive/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Attractiveness-of-Agriculture-Crops-to-Pollinating-Bees-Report-FINAL_Web-Version_10__15.pdf

Summer 2015 Newsletter

MBA Summer 2015

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

MBA Spring 2015

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Bee Sample Submissions – Update 2015

Manitoba Beekeepers can submit bee samples for diagnostic services to the following labs this year. Please see contact information below.

Laboratory Diagnostic Services:

Bee Diagnostic and Disease Monitoring programs:
Daryl Wright
Phone: 204-229-9343 (Winnipeg)
Email: d.l.wright@shaw.ca

National Bee Diagnostic Centre
P.O. Box 1118
1 Research Road
Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0
Phone: 1-780-357-7737 (Alberta)
Fax: 1-780-354-8080
Email: NBDC@gprc.ab.ca
Website: www.thenbdc.ca