Summer 2015 Newsletter

MBA Summer 2015

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

MBA Spring 2015

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Bee Sample Submissions – Update 2015

Manitoba Beekeepers can submit bee samples for diagnostic services to the following labs this year. Please see contact information below.

Laboratory Diagnostic Services:

Bee Diagnostic and Disease Monitoring programs:
Daryl Wright
Phone: 204-229-9343 (Winnipeg)

National Bee Diagnostic Centre
P.O. Box 1118
1 Research Road
Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0
Phone: 1-780-357-7737 (Alberta)
Fax: 1-780-354-8080

Bee Equipment for Sale/Wanted – Help Wanted

HELP WANTED / BEE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE  (Scroll down for details)

1. Equipment for Sale: Line of Honey House Equipment, consisting of: Cook and Beals Spin Float Separator, Cook and Beals Heat Exchange Unit with the heat system, Cowen Wax Recovery System for a 60 frame extractor, and a Cook and Beals Drum Puller for the Cook and Beals spinner. Everything works like a charm. The reason for selling is that we switched to a line of European Extracting Equipment. Serious inquiries only please. Phone number 1 204 248 2645. Ask for Pierre

2. Help Wanted:  One experienced Apiary Technician(NOC 8253/8431) up to 16 mo., Apr.1, 2016 – June 2017. Minimum Education – High School Grad , plus beekeeping courses, valid driver’s license, min. 4 years experience in beekeeping. Hourly: $13:00 – $15.00, depending on experience. Email applications, CV and References to , Phone/Fax (204)254-4509 (Phone first), or mail to: Marg’s Honey Inc., 1051 Porcher Road, St. Andrews, MB R1A 3N4

3. Help Wanted:    When you need help, place your ad here. Contact MBA for details

4. Help wanted: Two positions available for full time, seasonal apiary workers at New Rutherford Apiaries (4647204 Manitoba ltd) located northwest of Austin, MB in the RM of North Norfolk (sw21-12-12). One position available April 5 2016 and the other May 5 2016 through October 2016. Duties include helping with: honey harvesting/extracting, feeding/medicating hives, moving hives, building hive equipment, and clean-up. Some evening and weekend work required. Work is physically demanding and often in a hot environment. Wage rate of $11.35 – $15.00/hour depending on experience. Apply to: Mike Lewis at: ph:(204)466-2551

5. Help wanted:

6. For sale:  I have 300 inner covers, 300 telescopic lids and 300 regular bottom boards for sale. Waldbee Honey Farms, Box 9 GRP 19 RR1 East Selkirk,MB R0E 0M0 PH. 204-482-3511 Cell.204-791-8850 or e-mail Philip Waldner <>

7. For sale: 4 boxes local bee pollen (approx. 20 lb. per box)   Pollen is  irradiated.   $130 per box picked up. Contact Bruce Smirl at or phone 204-822-8004 (Morden area).

8. Wanted:  500 honey supers with drawn comb. Must be good quality. Mark Reimer ph 204 346 4153 or e-mail .

9.  For sale: Quantity of 5000 Western Honey Supers (i.e. 9 5/8″), includes spacers and 9 strait (non self-spacing) frames each. Fully drawn and inspected, $30.00 each. Located in Nipawin, SK. Phone 306-862-5979 or e-mail

11. For sale: 60 frame Cowan Extractor, all stainless and very good condition, also have nucs for sale e-mail or call 204-381-7993 or 204-346-9701 .

12. For sale:

13. Help Wanted: Part Time Treasurer for MBA.

Reporting to the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association (MBA) President, while working primarily with your computer from your home office, the position consists of approximately 10-15 hours per month on average. The position is required to attend semi-monthly directors meetings during daytime hours.

The position is responsible to receive, collect, and deposit all funds of the Association, while keeping an accurate record of memberships, receipts, and board approved expenditures. This also includes the preparation and distribution of month-end financial statements to board members, with a year-end report and budget plans coincident with July 31 of each year. Related duties include staffing the daytime registration desk activities for Annual General Meetings and Symposiums, and tracking MBA investments.

Qualifications of successful candidate:

• Two or three years in an accounting or finance role (preferably in Agribusiness).

• Professional Accounting designation, or equivalent experience.

• Demonstrated accuracy and attention to detail.

• Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

• Proficiency with Electronic Mail, Excel, Word, and Quick Books (or equivalent) preferred.

• Flexibility to attend daytime meetings at various times throughout year.

Salary is consistent to sector and commensurate with experience and qualifications. Only candidates being considered for an interview will be contacted.

14. For sale:M Your ad could appear here. Contact Dan for details

15. For sale:Your ad could be posted here. Free for MBA members. $10.00 for non-members

Manitoba Bees for Sale – 2015

Manitoba Bees for Sale – 2015

1.Manitoba Bees for Sale: 100 Nucs with new Queens ready immediately (April 2015). These are 4 frame nucs with enough bees to cover 3 frames of  brood. Call for prices Phone Pierre Faure at 204-248-2645 or e-mail

2. Booking Spring colonies – minimum 4 frames of brood – mid May 2015 – $250 contact Interlake Honey Producers Ltd, Fisher Branch, Manitoba Call 204-372-6920 or email

3. For sale: Hives, nucs, or brood frames. Available around early May 2015. Grunthal, Manitoba. Contact Roger Toews 204-434-6918.

4. For Sale 5-frame nucs available for after May 15, 2015. Nucs will be equalized and have a 3 brood minimum and feed, new spring queens. Bees will be inspected and a health certificate provided disease free and below 1% varroa infestation-average. Discounts may be applied to bulk orders in quantities of 100 or more. Call for pricing. 204-638-6515 office, Or email

5. For Sale 150 4-frame nucs ready for spring 2015. Kettle Valley Queens, Grand Forks BC, For pricing and availability phone 250-442-5204

6.  For Sale: Four frame nucs with three frames brood with bees to cover all, and a new queen for sale.  Should be available early to mid May, weather permitting. E-Mail Abe at or Mark at or call 204-362-4856 for pricing and availability.

7. For Sale: Double Brood chamber hives available immediately (April 2015) and Frames of Brood plus Nucs available in May 2015. Contact Chris at 204-872-2398 or e-mail

8. For Sale. Approximately 100 hives for sale in the Treesbank area. Available immediately. For Prices and Details, Call James Bev Clark at 204-824-2275 or e-mail

9. Your ad could go here. Free for MBA members, $10 for non members contact for info..

For beekeeper auctions check Fraser Auction’s website at (upcoming auctions in May 2015)

Winter 2015 Newsletter

MBA Winter 2015

The MBA Newsletter is published 4 times per year. To view it, you may use the freely available Adobe Reader program.

Honey Producers Administration Fee Regulation, Amendment – pending

This Regulation is awaiting approval by Manitoba Legislature, pending publication in the Manitoba Gazette.



Honey Producers Administration Fee Regulation, amendment*


Regulation (pending)/2015

Registered (date pending)

Manitoba Regulation 56/2009 amended

1 The Honey Producers Administration Fee Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 56/2009, is amended by this regulation.

2 Section 2 is amended by striking out “plus a levy of $0.40 per colony up to 1,000” and substituting “plus a levy of $0.45 per colony up to 1,000”

December 5, 2014 Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association:

Allan Campbell, Chair

James Campbell, Secretary


Pending 2015 Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council:

Ken Caldwell, Chair

Patty Rosher, Secretary


*This Regulation is made under the Manitoba Honey Marketing Plan Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 244/87 R, and is Regulation No. 1, 2014 of the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association.





Allan Campbell (2015)
RR5 Comp 31, Dauphin, MB, R7N 2T8
(204) 638-6515
Cell (204) 590-9441

Vice Chairperson

Jake Maendel(2015)
Box 168 Gunton MB R0C 1H0
(204) 513-0529
Fax 886-2215

CHC Director

Bryan Ash (2016)
Box 635, Gilbert Plains, MB, R0L 0X0
(Res) 548-2019 (Bus) 548-2036 Ext 2,1

KAP Director

Terry Karaz(info in Directors list)

Executive Member

Bruce Podolsky (2016)
Box 1, Ethlebert, MB, R0L 0T0
742-3555 (Cell) 872-0159


Mark Friesen(2015)
Box 2007, Morden MB  R6M 1B7
(204) 250-3960

Terry Karaz (2015)
Box 250, Gladstone, MB, R0J 0T0

phone  ?
E mail: aa new one

Philip Waldner(2016)
Box 9 Grp 19 RR1 East Selkirk, MB, R0E 0M0
Res (204) 482-3511 Cell 791-8850

Non-Voting Appointees

Secretary/RRAA Representative

Jim Campbell
Box 234, Stonewall, MB, R0C 2Z0

BABA Representative

Vacant    o
Box n/a    0
Phone n/a


Hilary Stewart
Box 192, Baldur, MB, R0K 0B0
(Res) 535-2167 (Cell) 245-9042

Provincial Apiculture Office Advisors

Provincial Apiarist
Rhéal Lafrenière
204-545 University Cres., Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S6
(Bus) 945-4825 (Fax) 945-4327

Pollination Apiarist
David Ostermann
(Bus) 945-3861

MBA Committees 2015 (Valid Dec 2014 to Nov 2015)
Manitoba Beekeepers’s Association

Convention/AGM: Chair – Philip Waldner, Jake Maendel, Rhéal Lafrenière,Jim Campbell,

Fee/Levy: Co-Chair-Jake Maendel, Terry Karaz, Rhéal Lafrenière,Jim Campbell.

Finance: Chair – Bruce Podolsky, Jake Maendel, Jim Campbell,

Foreign Worker: Chair- Allan Campbell, Bruce Podolsky, Bryan Ash, Rhéal Lafrenière.

Food Safety: Chair-Bryan Ash, Mark Friesen, Bruce Podolsky,

KAP: Chair – Terry Karaz, Philip Waldner, Jim Campbell

Newsletter: Chair – Mark Friesen, Jim Campbell, Rhéal Lafrenière

Nomination: Chair – Jake Maendel , Bryan Ash, Bruce Podolsky,

Pests & Pest Management: Chair – Mark Friesen, Terry Karaz, Philip Waldner

Promotion/Education: Chair – Jake Maendel, Allan Campbell, Jim Campbell, Rhéal Lafrenière,

Resolution: Chair – Terry Karaz, Bryan Ash, Bruce Podolsky

Research: Chair – Mark Friesen, Philip Waldner, Rhéal Lafrenière,(Dr. Rob Currie).

Safety Nets: Chair – Allan Campbell, Bryan Ash, Jake Maendel, Terry Karaz,

Stock Replacement: Chair – Bryan Ash, Terry Karaz, Philip Waldner,

Sugar Syrup Calculation (Excel spreadsheet)

Click here to access an Excel spreadsheet that will help calculate the amount of dry sugar to water to make a 2:1 sugar to water solution (65% sugar syrup) or the amount of water to add to dilute a 77% sugar syrup to a 67% sugar to water solution.


Over the past several years, Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association (MBA) has been working at meeting the needs for healthy bee stocks in our province. We recognize the border issue was contentious in the past, yet recent surveys revealed beekeepers attitudes changed over the years, as has our beekeeping industry.

In light of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Risk Assessment on the Importation of Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Packages from the United States of America document released in 2014, it became apparent that the risks associated with importation are not uniform across Canada. MBA, with the assistance of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, critically reviewed each of the risks outlined in the CFIA Risk Assessment, in relation to the threat they posed to Manitoba through packaged bees imported from Northern California. We restricted our evaluation to packages from the same locations, and in fact some of the same operations, where queen bees are imported from starting in 2004. Our findings, recommendations, and actions are documented in a White Paper called “Importation of Packaged Honey Bees from California, United States to Manitoba, Canada”

MBA is releasing this “White Paper” document to the public, to inform them of our findings, as well as solicit feedback to help develop the necessary procedures and protocols to mitigate the threats.

WHITE PAPER: Please click here for PDF document.

Please provide your feedback to before 28 February 2015.