MBA Recommended Honey House Price

The Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association

2023 Recommended Minimum Honey House Price

$4.00 per pound

$8.80 per kilogram

Recommended Price for Farm Gate Honey sold in Producer Supplied Container.

Floral Specific or Specialty Honey (i.e. Buckwheat, Dandelion, Sunflower, Finely Granulated, Cinnamon Flavoured, Strawberry Flavoured, etc) may be at a premium above the recommended base rate.

Honey sold in specially designed or specially sized glass or plastic containers may also be at an additional premium.

labelling information for non-federally registered honey:

  1. Common name

The common name for honey is prescribed in Sections B.18.025-B.18.027 of the Food and Drug Regulations ( Products described as honey must meet these standards of identity.  If a honey is combined with another ingredient, such as a flavour, royal jelly, or other, the common name must describe how the product deviates from the standard (i.e. strawberry flavoured honey, honey with royal jelly, etc.). For all other products, such as Royal Jelly, the common name must be descriptive of the product.

The common name must be shown on the principal display panel of the food label (i.e., main panel), with a minimum type height of 1.6 mm (1/16 inch), based on the lowercase letter “o”.

  1. Net Quantity

The net quantity must be declared in metric units on the principal display panel on consumer packages.  A minimum type height of 1.6 mm, based on the lowercase letter “o”, is required for all information in the net quantity declaration, except for the numerals which are to be shown in bold face type and in the size shown in the table.  For honey, the net quantity must declared in metric units of weight (grams “g” or kilograms “kg”).

  1. Dealer Name and Principal Place of Business

The name and address of the responsible party by or for whom a prepackaged product is manufactured or produced, must be declared on any part of the food container except the bottom, in a minimum type height of 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) based on the lowercase letter “o. The address must be complete enough for postal delivery within a reasonable delay.

  1. Date Markings

Prepackaged products having a durable life of 90 days or less durable and packaged at a place other than the retail premises where they will be sold must be marked with a durable life date (known as “best before” date) and storage instructions (if they differ from normal room temperature).  Manner of declaring the best before date is also regulated:

If the product has a durable life of 90 days or more, it does not require a durable life date.

  1. List of Ingredients

For single ingredient foods such as pure honey, the common name of the product is considered to be the list of ingredients.  Multi-ingredient honey products such as flavoured honey, must show a list of ingredients must appear on any surface of the container, with the exception of the bottom in both French and English. The list of ingredients must comply with requirements of the Food and Drug RegulationsSee 2.8 of this Guide for more information on how to declare the list of ingredients.

The list of ingredients can be indicated on any surface of the label except the bottom and a minimum type height of 1.6 mm.

  1. Nutrition Facts Table

Prepackaged honey Nutrition Facts Table is required to be carried on the label of a prepackaged product.

The Nutrition Facts table must appear on the label in the prescribed manner including the size of the table, the information provided

  1. Pasteurized/Unpasteurized

The term “unpasteurized” should not be displayed on the label as all honey is deemed unpasteurized. That is why the regulation requires the term “pasteurized” if the honey is heat treated to destroy yeast and mould.

Please note there are some labelling requirements specific to Farmer’s Markets:


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