MISSION:  The Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association provides the voice for beekeepers working toward a sustainable and profitable honey bee industry through education, research and lobbying.


Our Challenge.

In stable times and in changing times, to work for the general welfare of honey bees in Manitoba and the prosperity of beekeepers.

Our Commitment.

  1. To consult with the industry by having wide representation on the board of directors and to seek the consensus of the industry on matters of concern at annual meetings.
  2. To promote the interests and concerns of Manitoba beekeepers related to:
    a) matters that are standing policy of the Association and,
    b) resolutions that are adopted at annual and general meetings.
  3. That the board of directors will represent the interests of producers through a process of open decision-making leading to Board action.
  4. To have effective accountability with a honey industry in Manitoba by:
    a) Seeking board representation from all regions and,
    b) Making timely reports on board decisions and actions.