Liability Insurance for Beekeepers


Larger Beekeeping Operations: Often Large Commercial Beekeeping Operations have an overall Farm Insurance policy to cover all elements of their business, while some beekeepers may be able to add an endorsement to their Home Insurance policies to cover beekeeping only on their own property. For those desiring coverage for bees on their property or when moved to someone else’s property, this could help you.

Hobby Beekeepers: For those classified as Hobby Beekeepers, having a few hives of bees in their back yard, and neighbouring houses close by, this could be the protection needed. This type of insurance has been in place for members of the British Columbia Honey Producers’ Association (BCHPA) for many years, and is also available for Manitoba Beekeepers. This coverage could also be important if you are involved in promoting honey and perhaps showing bees at Farmers Markets.

The Co-operators will extend liability insurance to members of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association and Red River Apiarists Association through a certificate of insurance issued in the name of the member under the Associations’ master policy which provides coverage to a limit of $5,000,000 per occurrence plus the duty by The company to defend the insured including the costs to do so. These certificates will provide you the liability coverage you will need to carry out operations normally considered usual to a beekeepers operation (i.e. keeping bees on your own property, or on others, conducting tours of operations, providing industry education, moving bees and equipment, etc), plus attend trade shows, fairs, exhibits, etc. and are available for $70.20 per year.

Commercial Liability Insurance is designed to pay those sums for which an insured becomes legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage caused to another through pursuits of the insured business. In addition the Member Certificate provides coverage for:

Bodily Injury and Property Damage:                                                     coverage $5,000,000

Annual Aggregate on Products & Completed Operations:      coverage $5,000,000

Personal Injury:                                                                                                    coverage $5,000,000         ( injury other than bodily such as Oral and/ or written publication of materials that slander/ libel a person or violate their right to privacy.

Medical Expenses:                                                                                               coverage $10,000                  ( these are amounts that become payable for bodily injury caused by an accident for which the insured may or may not be legally responsible to pay including things like dental services, ambulance, etc.

Property Damage Deductible – Each Occurrence:    $2,500

If this interests you, complete the MBA Membership Application Form (refer line on Insurance), and forward initial $70.20 fees (Cheque payable to MBA) and mail to:

Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association

PO Box 48123, Lakewood PO, Winnipeg, MB   R2J 4A3

Deadline for application is March 31.

(Note: New Applications for Insurance may be held to coincide with the renewal or anniversary date of the insurance policy, which is on or about 3 May of each year.

(Note: Neither the Red River Apiarists’ Association, nor the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association, nor their directors or executive or board members or staff shall be liable for errors or omissions in describing or summarizing any group liability benefits, as benefits and policy terms are subject to change without notice. ).

Page updated 02/March/2022