Newsletter Article Submission

If you would like to write for the Manitoba Beekeeper newsletter, we would welcome your article.

The guidelines for article submission when in the form of an electronic file are as follows:

  • Microsoft Word files are acceptable
  • Plain Ascii Text files are acceptable
  • Articles in the body of an email are acceptable.
  • Please avoid formatting your document, as it will not carry through to the final publication. This means no tables, tabs, indents, etc. We require a format will simple block paragraphs with single returns between them.
  • Images to be included in article should be provided separately. High quality .tif files are preferred, .jpgs are acceptable provided they are of very high quality.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles published.

Publication deadlines:

Articles must be submitted before the deadlines below in order to be published in that issue.

  • Spring Issue deadline is March 15th
  • Summer Issue deadline is June 10th
  • Fall Issue deadline is September 10th
  • Winter Issue deadline is December 1st

In addition to email, you may use the following online form to submit your articles for publication.

[contact-form 2 “Article Submission”]