Spring Bees!

Spring is upon us and every year I get calls from concerned citizens about the bees foraging and creating a nuisance in the neighbourhood. As beekeepers we are not liable to change our practices but I would note there are some guidelines that the MBA in collaboration with the City of Winnipeg have developed in order to facilitate a good relationships between bees and people!

Every situation is different so I would not want to describe a one solution fits all situation but to be mindful of the environment we live in and an ever increasing human population that is competing for nature with the bees. Certain things can be attracting to the bees like: pools, hummingbird feeders, mineral salts, and sawdust; mitigating their presence when other resources for the bees are in short supply would be the first and most effective solution.

Follow this link to read more on guidelines for registered beekeepers in Winnipeg.