2021 Bees For Sale

Destiny Road Inc > 204-513-0529 > Gunton, MB > 3 or 4 frame Nucs with new queens > available this spring – contact Jake Maendel, jake@nulldestinyroad.ca

Westman Honey Bee Producers www.westmanhoneybeeproducers.ca

Nucs For Sale Dancing Bee Equipment dancingbeesales@nullgmail.com

40 5-frame nucs with 2020 Manitoba queens for sale at the end of May.

Bruce Mclean Western Sky Apiaries Inc. 431 345 1210 Westsky@nullmts.net

5 frame Nucs (made 2020 over  wintered queens)

Barry Andrew. 204-729-8676 bearjandrew@nullgmail.com

Nucs. Paul Gregory paul@nullifsltd.ca

100 strong singles and about 50 four- frame nuclear colonies. 1000+ honey supers in good condition. Burwalde Woods Honey Phil Froese snowbees@nullgmail.com

75 overwintered  nucs with 2020 Manitoba queens to sell in May. Cornie Fehr  beefehrs@nullgmail.com

Nucs For Sale Mark Friesen mfriesen.bees@nullgmail.com

Nucs with four frames of bees and two of brood with a 2021 queen. Price = $225. Rob Young youngrmch8888@nullme.com

200 singles to sell Jeff Warburton  warbees@nullmymts.net

2020 Bees For Sale

  • Border Hills Honey Ltd. 204-362-9364 Roland, MB, 4 Frame nucs, 2019 Manitoba Queen, 3 frames bees and brood, 1 honey

Email contact@nullborderhillshoney.ca

  • For Sale: 400 3-Frame Nucs, 3 frames of bee covered brood and a, young wintered queen, Expected pickup date: End of May, Price: 1-99:  $220, 100 -250: $210 251+: $200 Location: Mitchell, MB Contact: Simeon Reich 204.381.3174

Email simeon.reich@nullyahoo.com 

  • Destiny Road Inc > 204-513-0529 > Gunton, MB > 3 or 4 frame Nucs with new queens > available this spring – contact Jake Maendel,

Email jake@nulldestinyroad.ca

  • Bees for sale: Strong, healthy 4 frame Nucs with Manitoba Queens. Phone Patrick Cox at (204)855-2492,  Phone/text (204)851-1266 or

Email hawbeefarm@nullyahoo.ca

  • 30 – 40 o/w colonies for sale. Available approx. May 1st.   15 yrs experience raising queens, selecting desirable traits. Docile , v.gd. o/w success , exc. producers. ( just add flowers and some weather) Complete hive includes brood box & bees , lid & btm bd. Ready to set out. Single brood incl . 10 frames bees and feed , w/strong queen            $300.00.   Double brood , as above with 20 frames . Ready for spring splitting $400.00. Contact Roger Desilets:

Email Ravencreekfarm@nullhotmail.com    204-234-5271 

  • For sale: nucs, available Mid May 2020. 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey, 2019 summer queen, sold in a cardboard nuc box or transferred into your equipment. $250 each, Message for details.

Email stepplerfarms@nullhotmail.com

For Sale: Five frame nucleus honey bee colonies for sale. C/W a minimum of three frames with brood, one frame of feed, one extra frame, newer equipment, Manitoba raised queens (summer 2019) or Kona queens (2020), available mid-May, AFB free, low Varroa count, comes in EZ nuc boxes, $250. each, limited supply, 50% deposit to guarantee supply, if no deposit then first come first served.   Terry Fehr, Gladstone     email: fehrt99@nullgmail.com or phone: 204-385-2337

For Sale: Nucs for sale – 3-4 frames brood, available end of May. Troy Stozek 204-529-2083 freshrootsfarm.mb@nullgmail.com