2024 Bees and Queens For Sale

Nucs for sale . 4 frames of brood , new queen & lots of bees. please contact Jake @ 2045130529 , email jake@nulldestinyroad.ca

For Sale: 5 frame Nucs in EZ NUC box – includes 3 brood and a queen selected from our own colonies – Price $300 each – Custom sizes available – Contact Patrick Cox – Phone 204-855-2492 or Phone or Text 204-851-1266 – Oak Lake, MB

For Sale: Mated Queens – $42 each and Queen Cells – $10 each. We raise our queens from carefully selected survivor colonies for strong wintering success, mite tolerance, honey production and gentleness. Contact Patrick Cox – Phone 204-855-2492 or Phone or Text 204-851-1266 – Oak Lake, MB

For Sale: Nucs. 5 frame queenright nucs and packages , 3 brood-  $300  May 20-31. (less than 5 $325). MB  queens $42  available June 1st and after. Cells. $12 – approximately May 20th and after. Will Clark  204 724 2373

For Sale: Nucs. $400 each/5 frame.  Contact us regarding number of nucs that will be available.  First come first served.  Available sometime in May. Contact Tim Wendell,  204-773-6684 or email tim@nullwendell.ca 

For Sale: 6 frame nucs for sale, 3 brood, queen,  frames box lid and bottom included   Available last week in May  $325. Pickup in Ethelbert MB. Contact Bruce at Email: west10honey@nullgmail.com or call. 204 672 0036

For Sale: Nucs for Sale. Contact Paul Gregory paul@nullifsltd.ca for more information on pricing and availability.

For Sale: 5 frame nucs for sale: 2024 queen, 3 frames of brood, 2 frames feed. $300. Located near Cartwright. Limited supply. Ready end of May. . Contact Troy at 431-734-9105 (text) or info@nullfreshrootsfarmmb.com

Auction: Fraser Auction Sale: BEEKEEPER’S TIMED ONLINE AUCTION for LINDSAY SAKINA 306-920-8074 (canbid.com)

For Sale: 10 frame singles; minimum 4 frames brood; lid & bottom included.  Approximately 120 colonies available mid-May contact: Phil Froese (Burwalde Woods Honey) 204 362-1467 email: snowbees@nullgmail.com for details

For Sale 40 – 4 Frame Nucs, 3 Frames with Bees & Brood, 1 Frame with Feed. Manitoba Queen – From our own operation. June 1st or 2nd pickup. $350 Each including a $100 reservation deposit 204-362-9364 josh@nullborderhillshoney.ca

For Sale: Single hives, nucs or brood frames for sale. Call for price and quantity discounts. Andy Loewen 204-381-7993 or andyloewen@nullhotmail.ca