“The Importance of Quality Feed for Bees”

Presentation by:
Dr. Rob Currie

Dr. Rob Currie
Professor, Head
Department of Entomology
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
University of Manitoba

Dr. Currie (Rob) is a Professor and Head in the Department of Entomology at the University of Manitoba. Rob’s main research interest relates to the biology and management of bees (honey bees, leafcutting bees and native pollinators) and the crops that they pollinate. A major focus of his research is how parasites and diseases interact with other stressors such as nutrition to negatively impact the survival of bees during the winter.
This free webinar is being organized for the beekeeping industry of Manitoba to highlight the importance of feeding high quality feed to honey bees in order to maximize colony survival during the winter. Important aspects of feeding bees and bee health including how beekeepers can assess the quality of the feed will be discussed.