2019 February MBA AGM

February 22, 2019

Hilton Hotel Suites Airport Winnipeg MB

Chairperson’s Report: Mark Friesen provided an annual update on the activities of the Association.

Research Report: Ian Steppler provided a synopsis of his report that was circulated.

Canadian Honey Council Report: Allan Campbell provided an annual report on the CHC activities in 2018.

Alberta Beekeeping Commission: Jeremy Olthof reported on the Integrated Pest Management Meeting held February in Alberta. Discussions have taken place on having a Prairie Beekeeping Conference in Red Deer Alberta with Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists, Canadian Honey Councils and Tech Transfer Teams in February 2021.

Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting: Motion: To accept the Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting as presented. Moved Paul Gregory Seconded Osee Podolsky Carried.

Reports: Motion: To accept the 2019 Chairperson’s Report and 2019 written reports. Moved Art Bergman Seconded Horst Borst Carried.

Financial Report: Mark Friesen presented the Financial Report in place of vacant Treasurer’s position. Mark detailed the circumstances of the financial situation and its resolution. Paul Gregory gave an update on the financial statement of the Barry Fingler Memorial Research Fund. Motion: To accept the 2018 Financial Statement as presented. Moved Ted Turnbull Seconded Mike Clark Carried unanimously.

Motion: To accept the 2019 Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association Budget as presented. Moved I Steppler Seconded M Clark. Discussion on BFMRF transfer of funds before Resolution. Motion tabled.


  1. Barry Fingler Memorial Research Fund

BACKGROUND: Because the MBA members present at the 2018 MBA AGM passed a resolution regarding the use of the BFMRF, the Board set up a committee to explore options, with the result of the following resolution:

Whereas the Barry Fingler Memorial Research Fund (BFMRF) has existed for a number of years without regular use, and ;

Whereas the BFMRF was meant to be used for special projects to enhance knowledge of the beekeeping industry surrounding the issue of bee health;

BE IT RESOLVED that the MBA Board be enabled to up to $3000, to fund the development of a Business Plan for a Transfer Tech Team for the province of Manitoba.

Moved Bill Bygarski Seconded Tim Wendell. Carried

2. Adulterated Honey

Whereas beekeepers within the province of Manitoba are frustrated with the news of adulterated honey being imported into Canada;

Whereas beekeepers do not seem to be able to get answers or action on this matter:

BE IT RESOLVED that the MBA urge the CHC to continue to lobby CFIA for stricter acredited methods for testing of all imported honey, using the most modern methods (e.g., NMR testing) available.

Moved Ted Turnbull Seconded Mike Clark. Carried

3. University of Manitoba

Whereas the Head of the Department of Entomology, Dr. Robert Currie, and his post – grad research students carry out many research projects that relate directly to the beekeeping community and health of our honey bees;

BE IT RESOLVED that the MBA request  the RRAA, BABA and SCBA, to send a letter to the Dean of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba, expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation for the dedicated work both in the field and the lab, carried on by Dr. Currie and his students, and our hope is that this important research in our field may continue.

Moved Mike Clark Seconded Mark Friesen. Carried

4. Manitoba Agriculture Apiculturist Specialists

Whereas all beekeepers within the Province of Manitoba have benefitted from the knowledge and support of the Provincial Apiarist, Rheal Lafreniere and Provincial Pollination Specialist, David Ostermann,

BE IT RESOLVED that a letter be sent from the board of the MBA, on behalf of all beekeepers, to the Minister of Agriculture, expressing our sincere appreciation for such support.

Moved Mike Clark Seconded Bryan Ash. Carried

5. Regional Organizations

Whereas: The Manitoba Beekeepers Association (MBA) recognises that the Regional Organizations in Manitoba provide tremendous educational benefit and outreach to Manitoba Beekeepers and the MBA would like to support their educational activities;

BE IT RESOLVED that the MBA provide up to $750 to Regional Organizations for room bookings and workshops, upon the receipt of a formal request from the Association outlining purpose, costs, and benefit to the beekeepers. This request will also contain the latest Annual General Meeting Minutes and List of Executive.

Moved Mike Clark Seconded Brad Hogg. Carried 8 -2.

Nominations: There are 2 vacancies on the Board of Directors. Marg Smith (absent, provided letter of acceptance).  There were no further nominations from the floor. Marg Smith was elected to a 3 year term on the Board of Directors by acclimation. Vacancy will be filled by Board and to be ratified at the next AGM.

2019 Budget:  Motion: To accept the 2019 Budget as presented with the following amendments. Income to show Accounts Receivable of $11,140.00 and transfer of $3000 from the BFMRF as per Resolution. Moved: Mike Clark Seconded Bill Bygarski. Carried.

Motion to adjourn: Osee Podolsky