2023 Equipment for Sale

Marg’s Honey is shutting down beekeeping after 45 years and our equipment is for sale including:

60 frame Cowen extracting line with air, de-boxer, uncapper, box conveyor with bottom bar scraper, auger etc.

20 ft of box return roller conveyor, pallet jack,

Moyno 2″ pump,  Jabsco 2″ pump. Wax melter with basket

heavy gauge stainless barrels, 600 lb capacity with 2” honey gates

New square honey tank with water jacketed bottom and thermostatic heater, approx. 2 barrel capacity

Cook & Beals rebuilt wax spinner and heat exchanger with heating unit and pump

1000 gal & 300 gal double walled milk/honey tanks. Barrel cart, Echo back pack blower

Steamer, hive lifter, power cart with 5 hp Honda motor, metal and plastic queen excluders

1995 Ford F450 Diesel with 14 ft deck and ramp, 

Yale propane forklift, Massey 45D diesel loader tractor,

more than 500 honey supers, some brood supers, 6 frame nuc boxes, Jester nuc boxes, about 100 dipped bee escapes and about 70 older bee escapes

Contact rob@nullmargshoney.com 431 337-7774