2015 Annual General Meeting-18 November


The Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association 110th Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday 18 November 2015 Time: 10:00 a.m.

Location: Auditorium, Main Floor, Neepawa United Church, 475 Mountain Ave, Neepawa, Man. (Corner Mountain Ave and Ellen St.)

Agenda: Review the past year activities, Approve the 2014-2015 Financial Statements, Elect directors, Approve Resolutions, Special Speaker, Dr. Robbin Lindsay will be speaking on “Tick-Borne Diseases: How not to get infected”

Elections: Director 3-year terms expire in 2015 for: Allan Campbell, Mark Friesen, Jake Maendel, & Terry Karaz. With reduced board size, at least five directors minimum is required, as one vacancy exists currently.

Invitation: Paid Up Designated Representatives desiring to volunteer to let their name stand for election is asked to contact Jake Maendel, Nominating Chair at 204-513-0529 or jake@nulldestinyroad.ca

Similarly if you have resolution suggestions, please forward them to Terry Karaz 204-385-2923 (Gladstone).

Registration: Members $40 each, Spouse/Guest $20 each.

Daryla Wright, MBA Secretary, 1 November 2015