2013 Risk Assessment Report from CFIA

CFIA Risk Assessment on honeybee imports from the USA

The Animal Health Risk Assessment unit of Canadian Food Inspection Agency released its final report in late October on Honey Bee Package imports from USA. The report essentially concludes: “Prohibition on Importation of Honey Bee Packages from continental USA will remain in effect, as it has since 1987”.

The report provides comprehensive details on the elements analysed for the 2013 update to their last review in 2003.

At a Special Meeting of MBA members on May 3, 2013, resolutions guided the Directors to seek approval from Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Minister G. Ritz, to relax the current laws on package bee imports from the USA.

Directors responded by crafting a proposal detailing the unprecedented 2012-13 winter losses in Manitoba creating a shortage of bee stock, and outlining strategies to alleviate the adverse pressure on our industry. The last Risk Assessment had been done in 2003, and there were implications, which may have changed the Canadian perspective.

For Resolution details, and progress, see 2013 Special Meeting bulletin page of this web site.

MBA directors will be reviewing the Risk Assessment Report and could be discussing this issue at the upcoming Annual Meeting on 13 November, 2013.

For a copy, download the Risk Assessment Cover Letter (0.7 mb pdf), along with the Risk Assessment Report (1.7 mb pdf). For a French version, please contact Bryan Ash, MBA Stock Replacement Chair (flash@nullmymts.net ).

Information provided on behalf of MBA Board by MBA Secretary 29 October 2013. (updated 1 Nov 2013)