2013 Honey Days Celebration

2013 Manitoba Honey Show

The Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association (MBA) sponsors a yearly Industry promotional event, aimed at linking consumers with the people who provide some of the food for them. In addition to describing the benefits of Bees and the value of the Honey industry, there is a Competition for honey producers, an area for consumers to support the artisinal Honey Producers, plus an educational honey industry informational element for all ages of consumers. Typical display categories include: Honey, Comb, Frames, Beeswax, Photography and often a Beverage category too! Check out the Honey Show Rules and Regulations. The show is usually organized and staffed by members of the Winnipeg area Hobby group (Red River Apiarists Association or RRAA). To enter, fill out a Honey Show Rules and Regulations.

Location: Centre Court Area, Forks Market, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Theme: Keep Manitoba Honey Bees Buzzing

Dates: Friday September 27 thru Sunday September 29, 2013

New Feature for 2013: Winners of each competition category received a colourful golden T-Shirt, emblazoned with “Manitoba Honey Show” on the back and the new logo of Red River Apiarists’ Association (RRAA)on the front. These shirts reflected a special promotion from the group organizing and staffing the event. RRAA celebrated 50 years of serving as Honey Show  and Bee Industry spokespersons. Their new logo commemorates their 50th Anniversary as a Bee Club with members in and around the Red River Valley of Manitoba.

Since 2012, the show title changed from “Honey Show” to a new name of “Honey Days”, in part to join celebrations with the Canada-wide promotion of “I love Culture” which takes place the last weekend of September. Honey Days has been included on their web site as well as in the news releases in the Manitoba Media area. In addition, Honey Days was featured on the Morning AM show of CTV during 2012. For 2013 the show was featured on page A1 of Sunday XTra ofWinnipeg Free Press (29 September 2013) and in the Manitoba Co-operator, page 39 of October 3, 2013 edition.

You can read what happened in the 2012 page, as a similar plan was used for the 2013 event. All were welcomed to check out the beekeeping culture, see live bees, sample artisinal honey and wax products, and visit with people involved in producing food for you!