Meetings and Updates

2012 Resolutions Approved 22 Nov

1 AWARENESS CAMPAIGN WHEREAS some producers may not be aware of differences in Canada and USA registration legalities for uses of pesticides, and WHEREAS producers could mistakenly believe a pesticide sold in the USA is available for use in Canada, and WHEREAS producers may be unaware of the significance of personal and/or industry consequences associated with inappropriately importing products into Canada that do not have a registration for the intend use, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MBA conduct an awareness campaign warning honey producers about consequences of acquiring and using products unapproved in Canada. 1a. Assigned to Newsletter Committee Jan […]

2011 Resolutions Approved 16 Nov

Resolutions Approved at the MBA AGM 16 November 2011   See each resolution for its’ status or associated board action.   1. TEMPORARY WORKERS       WHEREAS Western Canada has a growing and fundamental need for temporary foreign workers to maintain a healthy honey industry, and  WHEREAS the Canadian honey industry will not function to its full potential without temporary foreign workers that can be accessed in a timely and forthright manner and,   WHEREAS recent changes to the Foreign Worker application process are not fully understood by Federal Government staff nor producers, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That MBA encourage CHC to […]

2010 Resolutions Approved 17 Nov

Resolutions Approved at the MBA AGM 17 November 2010 See each resolution for its’ current status (Its’ associated board action) 1. SMALL HIVE BEETLE IN CANADA WHEREAS Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida) was discovered on September 8, 2010 in Ontario, in an area close to the Michigan, USA border, and WHEREAS Ontario quarantined and monitored some areas for infestation, and WHEREAS although it appears this pest failed to establish an endemic population where invaded previously in MB and AB, and WHEREAS on going investigation into the possible establishment of SHB in QC, is pointing toward the beetle not being able […]