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Queen Bees from Hawaii (2) BMP

The following article is provided courtesy of David Barnes, Kona Queen Hawaii, and is provided for your information about the 2010 situation involving their business. KONA QUEEN HAWAII, INC.   Best Management Practices for Small Hive Beetle   In April 2010 South African Small Hive Beetles, Aethina tumida Murry, (SHB) were found in Hilo, Hawaii; the East coast of Hawaii.   Kona Queen Hawaii’s response was to begin a progressive approach to the management and control of the SHB before they become fully established on the island of Hawaii. Our first approach was to employ, on a full time basis, […]

Queen Bees from Hawaii (letter)

The Following is the text of an open letter written by Gus Rouse, Kona Queen, Hawaii to Beekeepers across Canada, and is presented here for your information regarding the current situation in and around their operation. …..LETTER TEXT ONLY…..  October 15, 2010  Dear Customers and Friends in Canada:  As you are probably aware, the Small Hive Beetle (SHB) reached the East coast of our Island this past April.  Kona Queen is located on the West coast.  Our State agriculture authorities conducted a thorough inspection here at Kona Queen at the end of June and did not find evidence of SHB in […]